Many of us have tried the bug spray method to control pests in our homes. We all know how useless they are. We are often forced to use a method that is clearly ineffective when it comes to long-term pest solutions because we don’t know of other options.

You will need a system that addresses the problem from different angles if you want to eliminate household pests and bugs. This system is very effective over the long-term.

You must first seal your home to prevent bugs from entering your home. You can prevent even more bugs from entering your home. Now, you only need to consider the ones already in there.

You will then need to kill any bugs that may be in your home using a non-pesticide approach. Boric acid is a well-known poison that can be used to kill bugs such as silverfishes and cockroaches. You can use it in powder form to sprinkle on areas where the bugs are hanging out, such as corners or nooks near electrical sockets (known for attracting roaches). Although this strategy is not quick, it can be very effective in eliminating entire generations of roaches. You can also add baits that are inhaled by pests to increase their effectiveness. They will return to their nests to spread the poison to their brood, and also kill them. Boric acid can cause severe allergic reactions in pets and humans so it is best to avoid using it.

Another strategy is to use cedar wood furniture as they are detested by insects. Ground cinnamon is also believed to repel them, so sprinkle these around your home to discourage common house bugs.

If you want to eliminate unwanted housemates, bug sprays aren’t the only option. These are other options that can be used to get rid of unwanted house mates. They are far more effective than insecticide spray cans.


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