People who have to deal with pests and insects in their homes are often horrified by the sight of these annoying creatures. To get rid of them, people usually look for something that is within arm’s reach such as a newspaper or shoe. You should quickly search the house for anything similar. If you don’t have any, you can run around and look around until you find it. Once you’ve found your weapon of choice, you can return to the spot where you saw it last. The bug is gone! It is now time to wait for it to show up again, or disappear completely.

There are many common tools that can be used to repel bugs. Although the electric bug zapper can be a great option, it is not intended to be used outdoors. Fly paper can be used, but only for flying insects that have randomly entered the paper. But what about creepy crawlers? These high-frequency sound emitters can be plugged into the outlets. Even though they aren’t audible by humans, the constant buzzing can cause pet discomfort. You’re also increasing your electricity bill because it’s connected all day. Although spray cans can eliminate them, you are left with toxic fumes and solution everywhere.

There’s a solution! It’s called the bug vacuum. Imagine yourself in a similar situation. You see a spider at the top corner. How would you get to it? The bug vacuum is specifically designed with a long-handle, so you don’t have to be close to the spider. Some extensions can extend up to 2 feet. Turn on the vacuum, and the vacuum will trap the insect or spider in the chamber. They are wireless, rechargeable and run on either batteries or rechargeable. Another great feature is their wireless nature. 

There are portable insect vacuums for kids that can safely capture and release insects. It is shaped like a toy gun, and even has a magnifying glass so you can see what you have captured. They can release the animals into the wild after they are done.

You can use a bug zapper to kill the bugs right away if you really want to eliminate them immediately. Once the bug has been captured, you can simply turn on the high-voltage to kill the entire unit. The safety mechanism ensures that the charge is only possible when the wand can be securely attached to the zapping device.


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