Organic gardeners have to contend with rodents and pests. They are more vulnerable to pesticides and other synthetic chemicals than they are to other problems. However, this is not necessarily a problem. Growing your plants organically can provide many health benefits for organic gardeners. Organic gardeners can enjoy safer fruits and vegetables, as they don’t spray poisonous chemicals in the garden. We will be discussing a few methods to eliminate pests from an organic garden.

It is easy to eliminate bugs by first identifying the type. If you know what bugs you are trying to eradicate, some bugs can be very easy to eliminate. This works! The flour causes problems in the grasshoppers’ digestive system. They eventually die from a weakened digestive system. You can search for the best natural remedies against certain insects by simply using a search engine.

Natural predators can also be used to eliminate bugs. It may be a good idea to have birds in your garden. You can create a platform for the birds to relax on, which will give them an incentive. You may also want to offer food every now and again. Birds aren’t the only natural predators. You might also consider small lizards for your garden. It is common to have geckos or lizards around buildings in southeastern countries like Cambodia. They are responsible for eating all the pesky flies and mosquitoes.

The best way to get rid of insects in organic gardens is to prevent them from ever getting in. It may be beneficial to put up a small cage around the plants. You might also want to remove any dead logs from your garden. Damp rocks and dead logs can attract insects, so you should get rid of them quickly. Preparing your garden is an important step in creating an organic garden.


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