The persistence of stink bugs when trying to enter your home during autumn is a hallmark of their behavior. Do you know that autumn is the peak season for infestations in North American homes? This isn’t just a coincidence. The instinctive search for warmth in winter is what makes stink bugs different from any other animal or insect. Stink bugs are persistent in seeking shelter in warm areas during winter and autumn. This is what makes them stand out from other insects. It is rare for bugs to be found in your home during winter, but stink bugs are an exception.

A stink bug will hibernate if it is not able to find shelter in a warm home during winter months. These little bugs will be most persistent in the fall months of September and Oct when they try to get into your home to winterize. They will find any opening they can in your home and make their way inside, as long as it is warm. The opening could be in your foundation, your exhaust fan pipes from the stove, your chimney, gaps between your window sills, tears or other cracks. It is enough to say that any way a stink bug can get into your house, they will. This is their mission during the autumn months.

There are many ways for stink bugs in your home to get into it, but the window conditioner unit is the most common. This is a direct entry point into your home. It is designed to allow air to enter your home from the outside. This makes it an open invitation to insects to crawl through. This problem is common with any opening in your home, whether it’s a central air conditioner unit or any other exhaust pipe. These are also a common route for stink bugs. There is one major difference: the distance between your house and the outside world is extremely small. This makes it easy for stink bugs to travel very short distances before they reach your home. You can invite stink bugs into your home if you don’t take all the precautions necessary to seal your window conditioner unit.

Air conditioner units fit into an opening in your wall. This means that even the smallest gaps between the unit’s and wall’s walls can allow stink bugs to get through. Believe it or not, stink bugs will find a way through the unit if they can detect heat coming from it. They are well-known for entering homes and finding their way inside, as well as their persistence.

Although most air conditioner units that are professionally installed will fit perfectly into your exterior wall opening, sometimes it might not be. This applies to both new units and existing units. These are some ways to protect your window conditioner units from stink bugs.

Duct tape can be used to seal any cracks between the window unit and the wall. It creates a strong, impenetrable barrier. It is also adhesive so it is unlikely that it will come undone. Additionally, it can trap stink bugs that come in contact with adhesive surfaces and stop them from trying to enter your home.

You can fill any cracks in your window sill, or between your window and the frame with caulk. After the caulk dries it will create a water-proof, impenetrable barrier against stink bugs. If any stink bugs manage to sneak into your home through the cracks, this will eliminate them. You can seal the cracks with caulk to trap and kill any stink bugs hiding in your walls.


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