A caulking gun is often a man’s best friend when it comes to killing stink bugs. When it comes to dealing with the problem of stink bugs infesting your home, prevention is half the battle. Once they have entered your home, it is one thing to get rid of them. This is only half of the problem. The second problem is how to stop new stink bugs getting into your home.

The problem of killing them is more difficult than if you were to try to kill ants and roaches. Stink bugs have two main characteristics. One is their distinctive odor which they release when they feel threatened. Two is the fact that other members of the same species will follow them. This is due to the aggregation hormone that they have been known to release. It doesn’t matter how many bugs have entered your house, you can’t solve the problem.

When it comes to how to get rid of them, caulk is the best solution. If you have a stink bug infestation in your home, you know that these pests are determined to invade your home. They always find a way to get in. Even if all your windows and doors are closed, they will still find a way in.

These bugs can gain entry into homes through places you wouldn’t even know existed. Poor construction, damage to your exterior paneling or cracks in your drywall can cause a gap in your window sill. Your friendly neighborhood stinkbug will eventually find it and make it its mission to crawl through it until it gets to the indoors.

These bugs love warmth and light and will be attracted to both. Stink bugs will also be attracted to your windows’ lights at night. On cool nights or days, in non-summer months, they will also be attracted by the heat emanating from your home. It is because of this instinct that stink bugs seek shelter in bright and warm places. It isn’t just a random act of chance that stink bugs want to be indoors. They seek shelter from the cold outside air.

If you don’t have any experience using a caulking gun yet, it might be a good time to go to Lowes, Ace Hardware or Home Depot and pick one up. You will need to find any cracks or holes in your windows sills, doors, foundation, siding, and then fill them in. Caulk, a durable and permanent building material, is used to fill gaps and create impassable barriers. They are found in bathrooms, where the bathtub meets the tiles. You can also see them on window sills. 

One of the most important preventative steps you can take to eliminate these pests is to identify every possible opening they might use to enter your home. You don’t have to do it all at once if this seems overwhelming or time-consuming. If you have limited time or are unable to tackle a room every week, then do it one room at a time. You will see a decrease in these pests entering your home as you eliminate all possible entry points.

Caulking your windowsills will not only prevent new stink bugs from entering your home, but it can trap stink bugs already inside your walls. My own experience with stink bugs in my house was that they had entered the house before I could kill them. So I searched my whole house and taped all the windows screens. But the bugs continued to come in. I even checked the outside of my window and found no cracks. It turned out that a large number of stink bugs had entered my home through the window and had made their way into my walls through a crack on the window sill. The only thing I did was to fill the crack in my window sill with caulk, effectively trapping the stink bug that had entered.


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