Many people aren’t aware of the true reason their home is being invaded or swamped with these pests. These insects are attracted to the house because of the heat and light it emits. These bugs will likely be attracted to the light outside your home every night if it is lit. Your house will be attractive to them if they are looking for warmth. You can also plant vegetables and fruits, such as tomatoes, pear, peach, peach, apricot, and cherry. These insects will be attracted to fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, cherries, pear, peach and apricot.

Stink bugs can easily find their way into your home through cracks, holes, or small openings. These bugs will soon settle in your home and hibernate all winter. This is why they are unlikely to be seen during winter.

These bugs may not be visible, but that does not necessarily mean they are not there. If you see these bugs in the winter, it is likely that your house has been infested. These insects will stay inactive throughout the winter, but they will start to become active again in spring and autumn.

Most people make the common mistake of not checking for stink bugs when picking their tomatoes. People often bring their freshly harvested tomatoes into their homes and fail to check for stink bugs. This is one of the main ways these bugs get into your home. These insects eat tomatoes as their primary food source so you won’t be surprised to see them on your tomato plants.

You can prevent them from getting into your home by sealing all holes and openings with silicone-latex or good quality silicone caulk. This can be done in the fall just before winter. You can inspect your home for cracks, holes or openings. Seal them by walking around the house. Remember to seal or remove your window-type air conditioner as this is where these insects love to hide. You can repair any broken screens or windows yourself, or hire someone to do it.

These bugs can be found in your home, so don’t kill or crush them. Follow their tracks to find out where they came. Once you have located the holes in your house, seal them with good caulk. This will prevent the bugs from getting into your home.

You can also use a vacuum to remove these insects. You should have several vacuum bags ready to go in case these bugs make your vacuum bags smelly. All stink bugs, alive or dead, can be sucked up by vacuum bags. Once the vacuum bag is full, replace it with a new one.

Dust treatment is an option if you’ve tried everything and still haven’t been able to get rid of the bugs. Although dust treatment can temporarily eliminate these pests from your home, it is not a permanent solution. They may return to your house after several weeks if they continue following the scent or trail of the bugs that were there before.


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