These are some tips to help you get rid of stink bug infestations in your garden or home. These are the best ways to get rid of stink bugs:

It is a smart idea to remove your garden plants from right next to the house. These pests love leafy plants and fruit like tomatoes, and they feed on trees in the summer. Reduce the amount of leafy plants that touch your property. These things should be kept at least a foot from your home. If you have a small flower garden, especially for acidic tomatoes near your home (less than 20 feet), take them out.

Outdoor walls have seal slots that are larger than the pen’s actual size. This is an essential part of your plan of action. Many people are even more shocked when they discover that there are many gaps this wide in their homes. These gaps can be found around the roofline and at the bottom of your home. Simple safeguards such as closing your windows at night to keep them from looking for light or comfort will prevent them from entering your home.

Get rid of your garden storage shed. These pests will be attracted to your garden storage shed by the heat it absorbs. Clean out your shed thoroughly and get rid of any debris they might be hiding in. Although it’s unlikely that they will all be removed from your shed, it is possible to clean it up without having to search through piles of litter.

Make sure entry sweeps, windows and doors are snugly fitted. Also make sure your home’s window screens fit tight. This may seem obvious but many pest control companies receive calls from people who want to get rid of these insects. They want to enjoy fall and leave their windows open. However, pests enter the home and begin to multiply, bringing countless more pests to the world through their procreation process. They forget that they invited them in the first place.

A vacuum cleaner is a great tool for removing both dead and live pests. A vacuum cleaner can smell like these pests for some time. Some people prefer to use a push broom with a dust pan to clean them up and then throw them away in the garden rubbish bin. They are slow to move and if you don’t brush them carefully, they won’t let out their stench which can be a sign that there is an issue.

A basic approach is often the best way to win the battle. They are doing what nature has given them. To be able grow in the warmer weather of the planting season, they need to find somewhere to escape the cold winter temperatures. It is easy to find out where they might enter and then close the hole. It is easy to find the equipment and products you need, which will help you save money on your power bills. A gap that is this size can allow a bug to enter, causing a draft that will affect your heating system and air conditioning.


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